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I have moved to

I have moved to

Do come by and visit! 🙂

Will keep this blog and perhaps update articles here off & on as well, but for the most part the main blog will continue its journey on my website.


things to do when twitter is down….again…

And as Twitter stays down like a well-trained dog who was ordered to SIT and STAY….. I thought to myself WHAT oh dear God WHAT….can one do while you can tweet no more…. *sniffs, wipes tears rolling down his cheeks*

WELL! LOTS of things actually! *smile wide, tooth shines*

Things to do when Twitter is down:

1. you can check out a Twitter Down “art collection”:

This site has a collection of ALL the possible messages and “art” that comes up when something goes KAPUTT with our li’l birdy.

2. go to (is an actual site…yes..) :

Here you are greeted with huge blue words telling you what you can do when twitter is down…nice..but my list is still better…*humph!*

3. a video explaining the things you can do when twitter is down:

4. Chris thomson suggests you should do these when Twitter is down (i dunno who this guy is either…dont worry):

Sigh..and at the time I am posting this, Twitter has been down a total of 3 hours and 16 minutes.. lemme find some other things to do…….


Lively by Google – a 3d chat experience

Chat is taking on a new face and Google is taking up a new challenge it seems!

Google has entered into the 3d chat world where you can create your own avatars and express yourself in a 3d world.

Its called Lively, by Google. (

Sign up is easy and basically non-existent if you have a Google account previously. Just sign IN instead.

But you do have to download the Lively client and install it on your pc. Support only Windows Vista / XP though.

Once you’re through downloading the 469kb installation file, yeap, just 469 kb! You run the setup file and THATS when it starts to download a few mb of data…ahem.

Still on my puny 512 connection I was able to download the app in 2 – 3 minutes, so isn’t that bad.

So after the installation and what not, I signed into a small application window that pops up and I chose an ID to start with the Avatar creation process.

You get a selection from 10 different avatar characters which you can customise….somewhat…

The ROOM that I chose seemed to take forever to load while I customized my avatar and waited doing nothing special.

I searched around for people here and there, tried out its different rooms, and all in all found nothing really different in it from any others that are out there.

If Google is trying to get a piece of the Second Life action, they have a looooooooooooooong way to go.

Got bored too easily with it. Just me I guess. Didn’t see anything special.

Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself though. I’ll be uninstalling my lively software till then.

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